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IMAT Patient Charts


One Patient, One Chart


IMAT Consolidated Patient Charts brings together all patient encounters for view within a single user interface, presenting deep/comprehensive insights into the longitudinal care of patients.

With access to the most comprehensive data available, IMAT Consolidated Patient Charts enables more accurate and timely diagnosis, more effective treatment, and improved outcomes for the patient.

Patient Charts Features

Comprehensive Access – Based on consent status, IMAT brings together and displays all patient data from across the continuum of care utilizing a single interface.


Radiology notes

Transcription data


EHR data


Consent status



Configurable Interface – IMAT presents users with the flexibility to work with their data in a number of different ways.

Facet on reporting elements

Drill down infinitely

Roll up data

Real-Time Data Access – Leveraging IMAT’s always-current index, clinicians are able to access the most current data available.

Always current index

Complete real-time data aggregation

IMAT engine allows for complex queries and cohort identification to be run in real time

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