Company - IMAT Solutions
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IMAT Solutions provides fast and reliable medical data for search and analytics solutions. Building on Perfect Search’s core technology, IMAT (Integrated Medical Analytics Technology) is composed of best of breed technologies that allow organizations to tailor the product to their needs.

Launched in 2013, IMAT Solutions is based on Perfect Search’s patented and innovative technology, one of the world’s fastest, most accurate search solutions. In 2012, the company focused its resources to bring a complete solution to the medical world. IMAT Solutions was formally announced at HIMSS in March of 2013.

The initial product release of IMAT Clinical Reports includes functionality for clinical reports, medical research, and data interoperability. IMAT Clinical Reports is targeted for companies doing complex cohort identification, improving patient population health management, and working to achieve government compliance.

Shortly after releasing IMAT Clinical Reports 5.0, IMAT added IMAT Foundation Services, IMAT Validation, and IMAT Consolidated Patient Chart. These modules will provide an enhanced foundation for all healthcare communities and organizations.