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NCQA eCQM Certified

IMAT Solutions Now NCQA eCQM Certified

IMAT Solutions has officially achieved its National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) eCQM Certification, which helps to ensure data integrity, improves efficiency in collecting data and can be used as standard supplemental data to calculate HEDIS® measures.


IMAT’s Clinical Reports module currently meets fourteen eCQM measures certification, and will be receiving certification for a total of 26 eCQM measures in the coming months.



By earning eCQM Certification from NCQA, IMAT Clinical Reports has undergone the industry’s most rigorous assessment. Reporting is more accurate for these systems than systems not certified by NCQA.


IMAT Clinical Reports leverages healthcare data from the IMAT Foundation to support many institutional, federal, state, and industry quality reporting mandates.


To learn more about IMAT’s NCQA certification, please read our press release.

“As health plans expand their access to electronic clinical data, IMAT has focused on meaningful ways to make the data useable and valuable to these plans, and the NCQA certification reinforces how the IMAT platform meets the highest standards for achieving these efforts. We look forward to helping our customers continue having the highest level of clarity and confidence in their health data.”

Kurt Garbe, CEO of IMAT Solutions

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