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06 Sep Top HIEs Advancing Interoperability, Data Quality and More

For Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), advancing health data interoperability is paramount to mission success. As highlighted at the recent SHIEC 2018 conference, HIEs are facing tremendous opportunities to expand services through the effective use and sharing of health data.

In the wake of the conference, SHIEC issued a press release that highlighted key milestones from the event. Most notably, the organization announced the winners of the first-ever SHIEC Achievement Award.

Here’s a rundown of the HIEs and executives who are leading the way when it comes to advancing interoperability, data quality and more:

  • Utah Health Information Network (UHIN): The organization launched a wide-reaching new project aimed at resolving interoperability issues through a collaborative effort by many Utah healthcare organizations. Supported by a $2.5 million ONC grant the project will help connect diverse groups of providers to Utah’s Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE), managed by UHIN. Provider groups that will be connecting include rural hospitals and clinicians, the Utah Poison Control Center, emergency medical services personnel, providers serving children and youth with special healthcare needs, and skilled nursing facilities.


  • Health Current: The Phoenix, AZ-based HIE received the “Community Partnership” award for its collaborative work with the state Medicaid agency and many public/private entities to onboard and build one of the nation’s largest integrated care networks. This effort was supported by an AHCCCS award of $50 billion in Complete Care contracts to seven integrated managed care organizations with the aim of serving 1.5 million Medicaid members over the next seven years in Arizona.


  • The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE): The organization was selected for its research and work to improve access to critical information for emergency department physicians across the state. Much of this success was driven through the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), which exchanged 7 million transactions with other HIEs in Indiana and in neighboring states in 2017.


  • HealthShare Exchange: The Philadelphia, PA-based HIE received the “Quality and Quality Data” award for its work in partnering with vendors to enhance and improve data quality.


  • Missouri Health Connection: Angie Bass, the organization’s CEO, was recognized for her leadership in bringing together community stakeholders to create the statewide HIE in a difficult political environment. Be sure to check out this recent Columbia Business Times interview with Bass to get more insights into her HIE’s success.


In addition, at SHIEC 2018, IMAT Solutions introduced its Health Data Confidence Index (DCI), a new online assessment tool that allows HIEs to quantify their overall data confidence.

Based on IMAT’s new C3 framework, the DCI is a simple and easy-to-use online survey of 28 questions that assesses whether or not a care organization has the ability to provide data that is: Clean (C1); Comprehensive (C2); and Current (C3).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your data for the best performance outcomes!

Take the DCI Survey

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