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Customers and Partners


Some of our Customers and Partners

IMAT Solutions is currently working with several companies to provide the best solutions for their needs.



etHIN provides a secure Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology platform to its Community of Care. This secure solution replaces traditional modes of sharing medical records such as faxing, calling, mailing, patient pick-up, and couriers. etHIN gives authorized providers immediate access to patients’ records from providers across the community, including hospitals and other physicians.


Reliance eHealth Collaborative employs the safe, secure, electronic exchange of health information among authorized providers in the health care community for more timely, efficient and patient-centered care. Reliance currently serves 13 counties in Oregon and Northern California and may expand to a larger geographic region.


Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) has been working to reduce healthcare costs and improve care quality since 1993. IMAT Clinical Reports helps UHIN analyze current healthcare records from institutions through out the state of Utah.


Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA) is working to enhance Central Texas residents’ access to health and medical care, as well as providing electronic patient record access. The IMAT team is working to help HASA create a solution that helps further these goals.


HEALTHeLINK is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) based in Western New York. HEALTHeLINK is focused on creating community-based virtual medical records to provide immediate access for medical professionals to treat patients quickly and safely. IMAT Data Warehouse provides unprecedented speed and accuracy in searching medical records.


DHIN—The Delaware Health Information Network, the nation’s first live, statewide health information exchange, is saving time, money, and lives through better communication.



SHIEC The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative, known as SHIEC, is a not-for-profit national trade association promoting the shared interests of member Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) across the United States. IMAT Solutions is a SHIEC sponsor for HIMSS 17 and our SHIEC conference in Indianapolis, IN later this year.


Mana Health is a healthcare technology company that uses data to make healthcare work better. Based in New York City, their team is comprised of experts from across healthcare, software development, and analytics. Mana Health’s first product, the Mana Patient Gateway, offers an engaging experience that empowers patients using their HIE, hospital, and employer data. Mana Health’s innovative portal designs won the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge.