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IMAT Clinical Reports


Pre-Built and Custom Reports

IMAT Clinical Reports leverages processed medical data from IMAT foundation services to support all institutional, federal, state, and industry reporting mandates. These include, but are not limited to PQRS, MU Quality Measures, NQF, and UDS reporting.


Additionally, this module enables users to create custom queries and reports to support care coordination, monitor cost of care, evaluate cost/efficiency measures, and increase risk identification, to name a few. IMAT Clinical Reports also provides interactive charts and graphs to facilitate OLAP type data analysis.

IMAT provides organizations with the tools needed to meet compliance standards and take advantage of data-driven approaches.

Features List

Comprehensive Data Analysis – One of the challenges associated with data analytics in healthcare is access to data. Most solutions address only the structured data that is readily accessible, and in doing so, leave out critical content found within the EHR notes field, historical charted data, transcriptions, radiology notes, and more. IMAT incorporates all data housed throughout a healthcare system for the most in-depth data analysis and reporting available.

EHR Data



Radiology Notes



and more

Complex Reports Generation – Many solutions today employ medical data stores and focus on a set of pre-canned reports to ensure fast access to data. IMAT leverages patented indexing and search engine enables even the most complex, ad hoc, multi-step queries and reports to be run in real time.

Create compound, multi-step queries

Save any query or report

Run scheduled reports

Track report and tool usage

Charting & Graphical Interface – While some charting and graphical solutions in the healthcare space are able to present large scale data for analytics, they often don’t have the capability to take the user beyond the high level results. IMAT takes clinical reporting and medical analytics a step further through its ability to take the user seamlessly from the high level data, all the way down to the patient or transaction level of detail in real time.

Interactive charts and graphs

OLAP type faceted reporting supported

Unlimited drill down

Real time reports generation


IMAT Clinical Reports delivers the most comprehensive reports generation available for complex cohort identification, patient population health management, government compliance, and more.

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