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IMAT Flexible Payer Solution

IMAT Flexible Payer Solution

Improving the Usability and Quality of Clinical Data for Payers

With the goal of providing access to actionable, clean and validated data, the IMAT Flexible Payer Solution allows health payers to gain optimal results from their data, while also removing any challenges with meeting new interoperability standards.


As a comprehensive offering of technology and proven services, the new payer solution meets the new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) effort to transition all quality measures used in its reporting programs to digital quality measures (dQMs). It also improves overall HEDIS reporting capabilities and STAR ratings.


Leveraging the IMAT C3 Framework, the IMAT Flexible Payer Solution takes the unclean, incomplete, raw clinical data that comes out of the EHR eco-system and dramatically improves the overall data quality.

Boost Member Experiences

Faster access to aggregated and de-duplicated clinical data for enhancing member care

Meet Compliance Mandates

Gain trust in standardized clinical data for meeting HEDIS, Stars, and the next generation of digital quality reporting measures

Enhance Revenue Generation

Reduce medical chart chasing, identify member health conditions earlier, and boost overall population health efforts with value-based performance reporting

Continual Cost Savings

Taking proactive approaches to preventive care and chronic disease management can lower long-term healthcare costs by continually assessing and optimizing processes for efficiency improvement without compromising the quality of care

360º Approach to Enhancing Data Quality and Interoperability

The IMAT Flexible Payer Solution provides a 360-degree approach to enhancing data quality and interoperability:

Access to Actionable Member Data

FHIR Integration

NCQA Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) Certified

Source Interoperability

Identity Resolution

Current, Clean and Complete Data

Outcomes Beyond Data Quality


In addition to improving overall clinical data quality, the IMAT solution helps payers to:

Eliminate the burden of chart chasing

Prioritize member outreach

Improve risk adherence

Inform risk triangulation

Achieve early detection for managed care

Access detailed patient trends insights

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