Healthcare Data collection for HIE's
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Enabling HIEs to increase services by aggregating all data sources – faster and more accurate than ever before

With improved healthcare data collection, HIEs can now dramatically expand available service offerings through the aggregation of a broader range of incompatible data sources; faster, more accurate value-based reporting on clinical outcomes or quality measures associated with value-based payment models and better monitoring of individual patient health metrics to facilitate the timely delivery of preventative care strategies.

Healthcare Data Collection for HIE's

With IMAT Solutions, HIEs can collect, protect, and report on a 360 degree view of all patient data.

Let us show you how

IMAT Offers the Following Powerful Features:

Interoperability – IMAT enables HIEs to aggregate, validate, normalize, and effectively utilize all structured and unstructured data gathered from the participating healthcare community. IMAT enables the HIE to output that data in a standard format that can be used by other authorized systems for further processing and analysis.


Timely and Accurate Access to Data – More accurate data combined with real-time results leads to timelier and better informed decisions affecting individual patient health, population trend spotting, as well as more accurate reporting on quality and performance measures. Complex query results that used to take hours to generate can be accomplished in seconds on the IMAT platform, even when working across billions of records.


Reporting – The IMAT Medical Query Builder provides an intuitive and interactive user interface for the creation of ad hoc queries and reports accessible through an administrator-defined dashboard.


Research & Analytics – The comprehensive gathering of patient data enables IMAT to deliver thorough and accurate reports supporting individual patient progressions, quality initiatives, meaningful use attestations, population trend analysis, provider and facility performance comparisons, and more.


Security – IMAT meets or exceeds the applicable security standards set forth by the government, such as under HIPAA, for the storage and handling of PHI.


Compliance – IMAT enables HIEs to generate the reports required for complying with government reporting standards.


Reliable Data Storage – IMAT takes advantage of industry best practices to ensure that patient data is available and backed up.


Flexible Deployment Models – IMAT can be deployed on client-side servers maintained in a central data repository as a cloud-based platform securely accessible through the Internet or as a federated deployment across multiple locations and data stores. The IMAT platform enables multiple organizations to participate in an Exchange community, while keeping each provider’s patient data secure.

What benefits can HIEs achieve through the use of IMAT?

Broader data source aggregation, enabling broader community participation in the shared-data initiative

Normalized, validated data for greater accuracy

Code mapping enabling support for multiple code sets

Clinical, claims, and pharmaceutical data support

Consistent results

Real-time reporting, delivering results in seconds, not hours or days

Unlimited query capabilities

Integrated charts and graphs

Unified Health Records

Cost savings

Increased revenue

Increased sustainability

What benefits can HIEs offer to their members with IMAT?

Meaningful Use Stage 2 reporting tools

PQRS, MU Core Measures, STARS, NQF, AHRQ, and other industry-mandated reporting on clinical quality measures

Timely, more accurate population health monitoring

Improved quality of care monitoring at the individual patient level

Consistent reporting results

Real-time results from query and report runs; no more waiting for hours or days to gain access to results

Unlimited query capabilities

Integrated charts and graphs

Unified Health Record

Cost savings

Increased revenue

Increased sustainability

“Working with IMAT has allowed HASA to really examine data completeness and enabled us to work with the organizations to ensure that the data provided is the data needed. Because of our collaborative efforts, we have seen improvements in our understanding of the data sent to us by providers.”

Gijs van Oort
CEO/Executive Director HASA

With IMAT Solutions, HIEs can collect, protect, and report on a 360 degree view of all patient data.