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Healthcare Data Aggregation for Payers

Harnessing your data for improved analytics, interoperability and outcomes

As access to clinical data from across the continuum of care becomes more and more common for healthcare payers, developing strategies for creating trusted data that can drive actionable insights and enhance operational efficiency is now more critical than ever. IMAT Solutions allows payers to connect, collect, validate and normalize all health data for not only tackling today’s data tsunami challenges, but for better aligning claims and clinical systems to drive more coordinated care, and advance new payment models and population health initiatives.


Connect and Collect

IMAT data aggregation features enable payers to aggregate data from many incompatible sources and formats making it all available for search and analysis. Our data intake processes deliver a true 360-degree view of all patient and population health data, and are key to addressing the interoperability challenges faced by payers today. Examples of sources and formats include:


EHRs / HL7


Claims Data

Lab Data

Radiology Reports



Historical Charts

MS Word, Word Perfect, XLS, Text PDF, etc.

Easily share standard reports, dashboards and analytics tools with your stakeholders across the community with custom role-based landing pages.

Let Us Show You How

Validation and Normalization

The IMAT Platform provides a trusted data source, combining all current and historical data and retains all original records and content for validation and audit purposes while providing consistent real-time access to the data, enabling payers to:


  • Standardize, normalize and validate health data in real-time and through batch processing at a rate of over a 1,000 records per second, executing as many as 15 validation rules per record.
  • Ensure that records are matched to the correct patients / members through the IMAT Enterprise Master Patient Index.
  • Identify clinical concepts and codify notes and other unstructured data to gain additional insights previously inaccessible with traditional platforms.


IMAT Natural Language Processing incorporates a range of NLP technologies for the normalization, coding, and utilization of a healthcare organization’s text-based data, such as care management, physician and progress notes, as well as charts and summaries, and more. The ability to effectively utilize this untapped information creates new insights into healthcare data for payers.

Health Data Analytics

IMAT Solutions allows payers to leverage health data analytics in ways that transform provider engagement, population health and risk management through:


  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools that provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating queries and ad-hoc analysis and reporting.
  • All queries and analytics are run against all historical and most recent data.
  • Provider Dashboards that allow payers to see how providers are performing against today’s quality measures.
  • Drilling down from the aggregated results to the patient and the source records where the data exists.
  • Providing a longitudinal patient chart that includes all data for HEDIS® chart reviews.
  • Identifying treatments and costs associated with episodes of care using both clinical, financial and claims data.

Standard and Customized Reporting Tools

IMAT Clinical Analytics and Reporting provides the tools necessary to create and view custom and pre-built reports, as well as:


  • Generate HEDIS®, STARS and other NCQA and CMS standard quality measures using all available data.
  • Create and report on risk profiles that automatically add patients to the profiles based on incoming and historical data.
  • Use industry standard Risk models such as HCC, LACE, and create their own custom models.
  • Leverage both historical and current data for all reporting, going back as many years of data that is available.
  • Include all data types, structured and unstructured, in all reports, quality measures and risk management models.

Provider Engagement

IMAT Solutions allows payers to enhance overall provider engagement through:


  • Provider performance dashboards and outcomes reporting across all providers.
  • Clinical Alerts that provide enhanced care management insights, gaps in care, risk scores and additional coding opportunities.
  • Providing a 360-degree view across the continuum of care via the Virtual Health Record (VHR).

Increase the value from the data you capture

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)