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IMAT’s Centralized Data Repository (CDR)

IMAT’s Centralized Data Repository (CDR):

Unlock the Power of All Health Data


The Centralized Data Repository (CDR) acts as a central hub for storing, managing, and sharing various healthcare-related data. By doing so, it aims to enhance patient care, simplify operations, and facilitate research and analysis. The ultimate objective is to provide a comprehensive view of all patient data, enabling healthcare practitioners to make informed decisions.

IMAT Solutions Centralized Data Repository (CDR) Offering


IMAT Solutions helps health payers and other care organizations to harness the power of clean, current and complete healthcare data for crystal clear, data-driven decisions.


As a comprehensive and integrated set of technologies, IMAT’s CDR offering not only provides market-leading data aggregation and search capabilities, but also the critical functionality required to support an enterprise solution across the full healthcare continuum.

Benefits of IMAT’s CDR Capabilities


The IMAT CDR offering leverages a powerful search engine that ingests, aggregates and searches billions of records regardless of original source or format. This allows payers and care organizations to:


Improve patient and member care outcomes

Advance decisions based on robust data

Transform and enrich data sets from multiple data sources

Share large amounts of data

Enhance data quality and management efforts

Improve data reporting and analysis

Centralize all data storage and maintenance

IMAT’s CDR Proven Results


Including a comprehensive set of APIs used by the various components and external third-party applications for seamless integration, performance, scalability, and reliability, IMAT’s CDR offering is a proven solution:


60+ Million Lives Covered

3,000+ Interfaces

5,000+ End Users

10,000+ Data Normalization Rules

100+ Unique Data Sources

Thousands of Facilities and Providers



Ready to Leverage a Proven Solution?

How IMAT’s CDR Offering Works

IMAT’s CDR offering is a scalable and cost-effective solution for the aggregation and management of massive, diverse data sets within healthcare. Our patented technology creates both a schema-based data repository based on all required elements and values, as well as a Data Lake repository where all records content are indexed.


IMAT’s CDR offering provides the following integrated solutions and tools:

Set Builder

Automated rules-based monitoring and identification of data and patients based on healthcare profiles, events and results

Auditing + Security

Comprehensive logging of all activities and interactions with a comprehensive set of Auditing tools

Support Tools

Support teams have access to tools, reports and dashboards that help triage problems and quickly identify what the issue is and what actions need to be taken

Provider Portal

Secure a role based, configurable portal for providers to view all of a patient’s data in real-time based on their business requirements and workflows

Query Builders

Two query builders for searching the CDR, creating reports, scorecards, dashboards, and exporting data in any format

Admin Console

Intuitive console for the management of all aspects of the IMAT CDR solution

Are you ready to aggregate and manage massive, diverse data sets within your organization for boosted care outcomes?


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