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One Product, Many Solutions

IMAT is a new, disruptive technology for the field of medical data management and decision support, developed to address the need-for-speed when returning results derived from complex searches across large record stores. Our product design isn’t relational. It isn’t based on an early- or late-binding approach. It is a unique architecture, offering a flexible, non-rigid, pattern-based, indexing system that delivers disruptive speed, accepts data from incompatible sources, delivers superior accuracy during data normalization and validation, provides a dashboard and user interface that non-technical medical professionals can learn to use, uses minimal CPU capacity, quickly scales, and is significantly affordable when compared to other systems of similar record handling and query capacity.


IMAT, which is short for Integrated Medical Analytics Technology, is a HIPAA-compliant system supporting customers across seven states, processing billions of records per year generated by more than 2,000 facilities and 31,000 providers, representing almost 20 million patients … and growing. Our user-base includes HIEs, ACOs, medical homes, hospitals, clinics, and medical researchers.


The IMAT platform includes modules that handle data intake, validation, normalization, indexing and code mapping. Other modules handle results output, which includes an ad hoc query tool, a custom report builder, pre-built reports for medical users, a user dashboard for quick and easy access to reports, results, query tools and more; plus the system has the ability to output results in standard file formats that can be ingested by other external analytic systems. We don’t hold your patient data hostage.


Our clients tell us that the IMAT platform’s ability to capture a comprehensive 360 degree view of a patient makes our product especially valuable to medical professionals dealing with value-based reimbursement models, quality measure reporting and population health reporting – to name a few. The system can normalize data from a broad range of clinical sources (EHRs, labs, imaging centers, medication lists), as well as financial and medical claim sources. It can process structured and unstructured data. By unstructured, we mean such items as word documents and PDFs that may represent visit notes, transcripts, referring physician correspondence, and hospital discharge or transfer notices.

Working across patient populations, represented by millions or billions of records, can lead to significant time delays for the busy medical professional trying to run a report to identify specific patients who have specific pre-conditions from within a large record store or identify specific patients who meet “at-risk” criteria, so that special attention can be given before a patient goes “critical”. We understand time is precious commodity among the medical professionals.


The IMAT Solution was uniquely architected to reduce the time it takes to intake records and return results. For example:


  • Data Validation: During a monitored ETL (extract, transform, load) process, the IMAT system was able to take in 2,000 records per second, which included running 15 validation rules against each record, running on a single server.


  • Cohort Identification: In performance and accuracy benchmarking, the IMAT system identified complex cohorts in 2 to 20 seconds across 2 billion records, representing almost 20 million patients from 20 data sources; competing systems took 20 hours to execute the same queries.

IMAT Foundation Services

Of all IMAT modules, this module is the core, where it all starts. Our patented indexing and search technology resides in this module. It enables clients to aggregate, normalize, and store all data, regardless of source or type from across the continuum of care—delivering a true 360 degree view of all patient data.
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IMAT Clinical Reports

IMAT’s Clinical Reports module leverages captured and processed data by the foundation module to support all institutional, federal, state, and industry reporting mandates. This module also enables users to explore the high level data, then drill down to specific patient data in real-time.
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IMAT Medical Analytics

IMAT’s Medical Analytics module is a decision support solution that provides medical professionals with interactive charting tools. Graphical presentations of results enable an analyst to quickly view respondent segments, trends or outliers in a manner that may not be obvious when viewing tabular reports.
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IMAT Unified Health Record (UHR)

IMAT Unified Health Records brings together all patient records for view within a single user interface, presenting deep, comprehensive insights into the longitudinal care of patients. IMAT enables more accurate and timely diagnosis, more effective treatment, and improved outcomes for the patient.
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