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IMAT Foundation Services


Connect-Collect-Validate-Normalize-Index-Code Map

This service is the foundation of all other IMAT products. Leveraging patented indexing and search technology, IMAT’s HIPAA-compliant data store enables clients to aggregate, normalize, and utilize all data, regardless of source or type from across the continuum of care. The IMAT platform’s comprehensive data intake processes deliver a true 360 degree view of all patient data and are key to addressing the big data and interoperability challenges faced by Healthcare organizations today.

Data Aggregation – Healthcare data resides in numerous, incompatible systems. As a result, data interoperability remains one of Healthcare’s most persistent challenges. The IMAT data aggregation features enable organizations to aggregate data from many incompatible sources and formats making it all available for search and analysis. Examples of sources and formats include:

EHRs / HL7


Claims Data

Lab Data

Radiology Reports



Historical Charts

Scanned Documents (visit notes, physician correspondence in PDF format)

Data Normalization – IMAT Foundation Services utilize Clinical-XML (CXML) to normalize the incoming data sources, one of the early steps in the data intake process.




Data Indexing & Storage – Indexing both the raw and transformed data stores, IMAT Foundation modules leverage the company’s patented indexing technology to produce the most complete indexing and code mapping available, which contributes to disruptive speed that is experienced by clients during query and reporting of results.


Raw & Transformed Data Stores


Medical Code Mapping

Medical Data Stores

Lightning-fast Retrieval

Always Current Index

“One of the most pressing issues by the healthcare industry when moving to digital records is a loss of useful data contained in transcriptions. Through IMAT, we are able to generate reports that previously were not possible, thanks to its ability to extract data from the transcriptions and organize it in a useful fashion to report against.”

Gijs van Oort
CEO/Executive Director HASA
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