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Meet the 2025 Deadline for APP Quality Reporting


Need help meeting the 2025 Deadline for APP Quality Measures Reporting?


With the CMS-mandated 2025 deadline for reporting either eCQMs or MIPS CQMs for all patients, payers and health practices quickly coming up, Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations (MSSP ACOs) need to be prepared to achieve compliance.


However, achieving compliance could take up to 18 to 24 months.

The Time to Act is Now


To best meet these new reporting requirements, MSSP ACOs need to leverage solutions that enhance data aggregation, patient matching, and de-duplication capabilities, as well as implement a comprehensive performance review.


Thankfully, IMAT Solutions can help MSSP ACOs aggregate and integrate data from multiple sources in real-time for meeting the upcoming eCQMs and MIPS CQMs reporting and QPP submission requirements for:


Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Poor Control

Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Depression and Follow-up Plan

Controlling High Blood Pressure

How IMAT Can Help You Achieve Compliance

Here’s how our capabilities map to CMS’ Alternative Payment Model Performance Pathway (APP) quality reporting process:

Identify Eligible Population for the Quality Measure

Identify data sources for reporting across ACO participants, selecting appropriate collection types (eCQM or MIPS CQM) for each measure, and obtaining patient-level details from all participant TINs and CCNs based on measure specifications.


IMAT’s Capabilities:

We implement a six-step data ingestion process - connect, collect, validate, normalize, standardize, and index all data, no matter the source.

Patient details are obtained from all participating TINs and validated for measure compliance.

Patient Data Matching and Aggregation

Aggregate available patient data for accurate patient matching and deduplication, following organizational policies on patient identification. The eligible population for quality measurement will encompass 100% of the matched and deduplicated individuals.


IMAT’s Capabilities:

Our Enterprise Master Patient Index process is leveraged to resolve and manage patient identity.

All patient data is aggregated and deduped for the eligible population prior to measure generation.

For the eCQM collection type, 100% of the eligible population will be matched.

Apply Measure Logic

Apply specified measure logic to identify the eligible population meeting denominator criteria and determine numerator results, exclusions, or exceptions. For MIPS/Medicare CQMs, ensure performance data for a minimum of 75% of the eligible and matched denominator population. Use certified electronic health record (CEHRT) technology for eCQM collection to meet data completeness requirements.


IMAT’s Capabilities:

Quality measures are developed and implemented based on the clinical guidelines.

Our C3 data governance framework is leveraged for quality control and peer review to ensure we have the required data to meet the completeness requirements.

Submit to CMS

Submit measure performance to CMS in acceptable formats. CMS will calculate performance rates and data completeness from the submitted data. Each submission is considered complete for the included measure(s), and ACOs can resubmit within the reporting period, with any resubmission overriding prior ones. ACOs are encouraged to submit data early to address any technical issues.


IMAT’s Capabilities:

We are certified for both ONC HealthIT and CEHRT.

At any time prior to submission, results can be verified real-time.

Required QRDA III quality reports will be generated for submission.

Are you ready to meet the CMS-mandated 2025 deadline for reporting either eCQMs or MIPS CQMs for all patients, payers and health practices?


Now’s the time to get prepared, and IMAT can get you on this path to compliance!


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