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04 Jan VIDEO: HASA Leverages IMAT Solutions to Deliver Value to the Healthcare Community Through Data

HASA, the health information exchange for North, South and West Texas, aggregates real-time clinical data across dozens of different healthcare organizations and various different EHRs and other source systems.

By transforming this data into meaningful information that can be easily accessed at the point of care and other healthcare settings, HASA is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care for individual providers, hospitals, health plans and patients through advanced reporting and analytics.

Thanks to this effort, the organization is offering a user-friendly solution that is highly effective and easily accessible. HASA is achieving this by providing:

  • A community health record
  • Analytics tools that can predict and report readmissions
  • Alert reports for when patients are admitted into participating hospitals
  • A closed-loop referral system
  • A community referral tool
  • Assistance in case management for gaps in care
  • Collection of clinical data for HEDIS® reporting 

HASA currently leverages a wide-range of data management, reporting, and analytic capabilities from IMAT Solutions, which include full content data aggregation, normalization, analysis, and reporting from across all data sources to help the organization best deliver on its overall mission.

To learn more, please watch this video below:


Stay tuned for more HASA success stories. In addition, be sure to listen to our exclusive podcast with Phil Beckett, Interim CEO at HASA, where he discusses why data quality and confidence matters for HIEs, and much more, here.

If you are also an HIE leader, and want to assess your overall performance when it comes to data quality, please take the IMAT Data Quality Index (DCI) survey below.


HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)


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