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IMAT Platform Overview

IMAT Platform Overview

IMAT is a fully-integrated solution that does data normalization, validation, and cleansing; standard and custom reporting; population health management; predictive analytics, and more. IMAT is composed of modules, reports, and services which are selected to create the optimal solution for each customer.


IMAT Foundation Services provides the core data aggregation, management, and access functionality to support all of an organization’s data-driven goals. It ensures that all relevant patient data, regardless of the source or type, is taken into consideration when making decisions regarding patient care, population management,quality initiatives, etc. IMAT Foundation Services expands the boundaries of information from single records or episodes of care to all records across time, locations, and providers. Key components and features include:

  • Data warehouse
  • ETL engine
  • Data validation
  • Section definitions
  • Audit & logging
  • User/group management
  • API

IMAT Natural Language Processing incorporates a range of NLP technologies to enable the normalization, coding, and utilization of a healthcare organization’s unstructured data. The ability to effectively utilize this untapped information creates exciting new insights into healthcare data.

  • Code mapping
  • Concept and context identification
  • Standard and custom dictionaries

IMAT Medical Research and Query Builder provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating queries. Any of the fields indexed during ingestion can be added to the query simply by selecting the desired fields from the list of all fields. The query builder performs both saved and ad-hoc queries using industry-leading, patented search technology. Compound queries use a full scripting language and data persistence to enable complex data exploration not possible with single queries.

  • Core query engine with patented search technology
  • Data persistence with saved sessions and data sets
  • Includes both a single and a compound query builder
  • Cohort identification using advanced filtering capabilities
  • Standard data export capabilities

IMAT Clinical Analytics and Reporting provides the tools necessary to create and view custom and pre-built reports. It offers OLAP-like data exploration and advanced data analysis. IMAT Clinical Analytics and Reporting is bundled with IMAT’s selection of pre-built Clinical Reports which are tuned to meet an organization’s needs. This also includes updates to IMAT’s reports library, including both IMAT published reports and customer published reports which have been shared with the IMAT community.

  • Faceting
    • Dynamic, interactive charts and graphs
    • Drill down capability to record level detail
  • Scripting language
  • Mathematical and statistical libraries

IMAT Unified Health Record creates a centralized view for all of a patient’s records and includes tools for coordinating patient care among providers.

  • Lab and radiology results
  • ADTs
  • Transcript data
  • Encounters
  • Medications
  • Demographics


IMAT Validation Reports is a package of reports designed to ensure that data is complete, valid, and consistent. IMAT Clinical Reports is a growing collection of common clinical reports, including HEDIS, PQRS, NQF and AHRQ reports.


Implementation Services are included with each module in order to ensure a smooth installation and quick return on investment. Foundation Services are services that strengthen an organization’s data foundation, including additional normalization, standardization, code lookups, code mappings, and data enrichment. Custom Report Development allows organizations to receive assistance with report development or to develop additional reports without requiring in-house resources. Training provided by IMAT Solutions helps organizations learn to use IMAT more effectively. Developer Support and full documentation is provided to application developers using the IMAT API.

IMAT’s fully integrated solution and comprehensive methodology enables organizations to leverage the value of their clinical and claims data in the pursuit of the Triple Aim of healthcare–improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per-capita cost of healthcare. To request a demo, please call 1.866.306.4894 or sign up here.

About IMAT Solutions

IMAT Solutions is a new, disruptive medical data management and decision support company. Every day, our software processes tens of millions of records to provide the best possible healthcare to 20 million patients. We service 31,000 healthcare professionals working for Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, medical homes, hospitals, and clinics. Based on patented technology, IMAT has been developed to address the ever more complex and demanding needs of today’s healthcare providers and practitioners. Our product is based on a completely new approach to ingesting, storing and processing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from EHRs, lab results, physician notes, transcripts, ADTs and letters. This patented design delivers disruptive speed, superior data accuracy, easy to use charting, reports and queries and is highly cost-effective.

For more information please visit:
CONTACT 1.866.306.4894
HEADQUARTERS 565 E Technology Ave. Orem, Utah 84097

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