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11 May PODCAST: Reliance eHealth Collaborative Leverages IMAT for COVID-19 Response

In the following IMAT podcast interview, Erick Maddox, Executive Director, Reliance eHealth Collaborative; and Scott Tse, Healthcare Data Analyst at Reliance eHealth Collaborative, discuss how they are using the IMAT platform to develop and implement a wide-range of use cases for enhancing its stakeholders’ COVID-19 response.

As HIEs are now playing a critical role in helping their stakeholders to best manage the COVID-19 response, we are excited to announce that Reliance eHealth Collaborative is using the IMAT platform to implement a wide-range of coronavirus-related use cases.

Through this effort, Reliance is serving as a valuable resource for aggregating, analyzing and reporting on critical patient data used in the management of patients during the healthcare crisis.

Following is the comprehensive list of COVID-related use cases that the HIE is now implementing:

  • Symptoms and Comorbidities Reporting
  • Notification of COVID-19 Test Results
  • Current Patient Demographic Reporting
  • Standardization and Normalization of Coding
  • Community Information Sharing

As Reliance is rapidly evolving and iterating its efforts in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is also working to address additional use cases in the near future including:

  • EMS Notification
  • Death Notification
  • Social Risk Factors

Please visit here to read the full press release. In addition, click here to learn more about how about IMAT Solutions is enabling real-time reporting and analytics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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