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02 Mar How Health Payers Can Achieve True Digital Optimization in 2023

Healthcare payers must continually evolve digital capabilities in line with ever-changing business requirements, which can be achieved through continual IT optimization strategies.

While many payers are beginning to make strides in implementing digital-first member services, many are challenged with compliance hurdles, economic uncertainty and expanded expectations for enhancing overall member care.

These are the key highlights of Gartner’s “Healthcare and Life Science Digital Optimization and Modernization Primer for 2023 Report.” Click here to access the report (Gartner subscription required).

Fortunately, the IMAT Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering provides a new model for how health payers can achieve true digital optimization by leveraging structured and unstructured data for enhancing revenue, achieving compliance and boosting overall member care.

Learn more here in our new IMAT DaaS explainer video:

Are you ready to boost revenue, achieve compliance and enhance overall member care? Call us today at 1.844-772-6258 or contact us to learn more about the IMAT DaaS solution for health payers.

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