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Data Access and Management

Data Access and Management


Our client has invested significant time, resources, and revenue in implementing a recognized integration engine to collect, validate and normalize data from multiple facilities across 20 plus EHR solutions. The processed data is required as input in downstream HIE and analytics platforms.

The Challenge

After the implementation of the integration engine the customer found that they were still required to spend hours of resource time to achieve these objectives, using SQL extracts, Excel spreadsheets, and manual processes to move data through multiple stages of quality assurance. In addition, invalid, missing, or incorrectly formatted data causes the downstream system to under perform or leads to incorrect reporting and data analysis.

The Solution

Our client contracted with IMAT Solutions for a license and related services of the IMAT Foundation Services. IMAT configured the solution feeders to process records and perform the same validation performed by their existing manual processes. IMAT’s processing includes performing 15 validation rules against the source records identifying record format, content and accuracy. These validation rules execute lookups against multiple reference tables, terminology sets and the National Provider Index. IMAT provides the users with reports for consistency of data, errors identified and data augmentation.

The Benefits

  • Our client is able to process, validate and transform their incremental and historical data within minutes.
  • 100% of all records are checked and validated regardless of source or record type.
  • Records are processed at a rate of 1,000 to 2,000 records per second, executing 15,000 validation rules per second.
  • Resources are able to focus on specific errors and provide feedback to the their contributors on data completeness and accuracy.
  • Substantial reduction in resource requirements for this process.
  • Increased confidence in processed data.
  • Improved performance in downstream systems now that data is complete and valid.


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