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IMAT Dynamic Use Cases

How IMAT Solutions Reduces Hospital Readmissions and Improves Star Ratings


A leader in helping health payers harness the power of Current, Clean and Complete healthcare data for driving data-driven decisions, IMAT Solutions also offers comprehensive capabilities for reducing hospital readmissions and improving Star ratings.

The IMAT Platform achieves this by:

Identifying patients who were at a high risk of being readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge.


Identifying patients with high LACE scores, which allow healthcare providers to proactively intervene and provide targeted care to reduce the risk of readmission.


Improving Star Ratings by enabling the ability to accurately and completely document patient encounters.


Extracting key data elements from unstructured notes, which ensures that all relevant information is captured and included in quality measures that affect Star Ratings.


Patient Identity Resolution


Identifying and addressing gaps in care to improve patient outcomes and ultimately boost Star Ratings.

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