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13 Feb IMAT Solutions Launches New Health Data Platform at HIMSS 2019


New IMAT 8.0 Offering Helps to Advance Data Quality for All Care Organizations for Providing Better Outcomes


February 13, 2019, Orem, UT – IMAT Solutions, a leader in delivering innovative, real-time, healthcare data management and population health reporting solutions, is launching IMAT 8.0, its latest health data platform, at HIMSS 2019.


With enhanced data redundancy and patient matching, along with a more streamlined user interface and dynamic single-query builder, IMAT 8.0 allows HIEs, payers, hospitals, clinics, and ACOs to maximize their data for the best performance outcomes.


“As healthcare organizations struggle to best access and leverage data, we continue to be on the forefront by evolving our solutions to advance overall data quality and confidence,” said Kurt Garbe, CEO of IMAT Solutions. “Our new upgrade will allow any healthcare organization to better enhance all care, reporting, financial, and compliance efforts.”


Following are the new features of IMAT 8.0:


  • Enhanced Data Redundancy for Real-Time Data Access: With the integration of Apache Kafka, all data is fully synchronized between the primary and redundant servers in real-time. This feature enhances existing redundancy, improves on IMAT’s high availability, and provides clients with at least 300 percent more computing power.


  • Updated User Interface (UI) and Better Patient Matching: With an upgraded Enterprise Management Suite, the new UI allows IMAT clients to run multiple instances of IMAT through one Master Patient Index (MPI). This supports enhanced data sharing among many care organizations, as well as offers better and more efficient patient matching, and a more streamlined user experience.


  • New Query Builder: The new Query Builder provides users with insights into patient data through an intuitive query builder that does not require any technical skills. Users can build simple patient queries to complex cohort identification reports, and then generate extracts of the results with a single click. This is all done in real-time with results delivered within seconds.


  • Easy Product Upgrades By Module: Users can easily upgrade various modules within IMAT without needing to upgrade the entire platform, which provides a more cost-effect way for customers to stay current with the latest enhancements.


In addition, IMAT Version 8.0 enhances IMAT’s Enterprise Data Foundation (EDF), which has been used by customers since its release in 2013. The EDF delivers real-time transactional processing and data analytics on a single platform. The EDF includes an extensible data repository providing the best features of relational and data lakes solutions without the overheads and costs.


IMAT Version 8.0 expands on the more than 800 API’s that are leveraged to build applications, integrate with third party solutions and deliver real-time analytics across all medical data. The IMAT EDF enables organizations to create workflows and processes that meet their objectives while minimizing the impact to their day-to-day operations.


The IMAT EDF includes an intuitive rules-based, workflow enabled ETL engine for data curation, transformation and validation. Source records are never changed and are accessible in real-time for auditing, clinical validation and supplemental data purposes. The Natural Language Processing Engine provides clients with access to actionable clinical data within Discharge Summaries, Progress Notes, Transcriptions, notes, comments and any other text based documents or records.


The EDF enhancements in Version 8.0 increase performance of data processing and retrieval to over 2,000 queries per second and over 2.8 million records an hour. This combined with the Apache Kafka enhancements result in unparalleled performance on a single production server.


IMAT 8.0 continues to follow IMAT’s C3 framework, which focuses on Clean, Comprehensive and Current data. To further advance the C3 Framework, IMAT has released the Data Confidence Index (DCI), which is a tool that any healthcare organization can use to evaluate their capabilities in term of technology and processes to deliver Clean, Comprehensive and Current health data.


Here’s the link to the DCI Tool.



About IMAT Solutions
IMAT Solutions was formed in 2013 to provide key innovations in data accessibility, analysis, and reporting to healthcare organizations. The product suite is HIPAA-compliant, supporting customers across thirteen states, processing billions of records per year for more than 3,500 facilities, involving 30 million patients and 35,000 providers. IMAT enables clients to improve patient care and care coordination, increase quality of care delivery at a lower cost. It addresses the challenge of managing, normalizing and querying huge data sets in real-time, enabling users to access structured and unstructured (physician’s notes, transcripts) patient information. IMAT’s modules make it a flexible solution that can be tailored to each organization’s needs and increase the value of current investments. To learn more about IMAT Solutions, visit: