IMAT is a healthcare data management solution that
unlocks the value of healthcare data

Data Access & Management »

Data Access and Management gives healthcare organizations the ability to use and control their data through aggregation, normalization, and access controls.

Medical Reporting & Data Insight »

Data Insight allows healthcare organizations to explore, report on, and understand their data.

Community Health & Engagement »

Community Health and Engagement enables organizations to collaborate with members of their various communities to improve healthcare.

Analytics & Research »

Analytics and Research enables healthcare organizations to proactively discover and address health needs and to mitigate risk.

IMAT Solutions for Healthcare Communities

ACOs »

Read how IMAT enables ACOs to expand the value and services they provide their patients and partners

HIEs »

Learn how HIEs can improve the services they provide their members and patients using IMAT

Hospitals »

IMAT leverages patented technology to enable hospital administrators to efficiently bring together and utilize ALL hospital data