IMAT delivers on the promise of using all enterprise healthcare data in real time utilizing its patented data management engine

IMAT enables healthcare communities and organizations to realize the value of ALL their data through comprehensive data management, reporting, community engagement, and analysis.

Data Access & Management »

  • Aggregate, normalize and validate all data types (CCD/CCDA, HL7, XML, etc.)
  • Fully utilize unstructured data with Natural Language Processing
  • Process thousands of records per second while executing tens of thousands of validation rules
Medical Reporting & Data Insight »

  • Interact with healthcare data in real time
  • Explore intersections in clinical data
  • Generate and distribute relevant scorecards and dashboards
Community Health & Engagement »

  • Review relevant patient data from all sources at the point of care
  • Identify gaps in care for high-risk patients in real time
  • Empower healthcare communities with actionable data and workflows
Analytics & Research »

  • Stratify populations across the entire network
  • Apply predictive analytics and risk modeling across populations
  • Dynamically update and monitor cohorts utilizing patterns and profiles