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13 Jun Health Access San Antonio Teams Up with IMAT Solutions

Health Access San Antonio (HASA), a non-profit, community Health Information Exchange operating across Bexar County and the 21 surrounding counties in Texas, and IMAT Solutions, a leader in healthcare data search and reporting, announced today that HASA will implement IMAT across its major hospital systems, rural hospitals, independent clinics, and labs. IMAT Solutions’ IMAT Data Warehouse, IMAT Clinical Reports, and IMAT Medical Analytics modules will facilitate full content data aggregation, normalization code mapping, analysis, and reporting from across all data stores to help HASA deliver care improvements and cost reductions.

IMAT is designed to help health care institutions aggregate, normalize, and store ALL data, including untapped, unstructured data, generated throughout the healthcare system. This data includes the massive quantities of clinical data coming from EHRs, labs, transcription data, radiology notes, ADT’s and more. IMAT reduces the time it takes to analyze this clinical data to seconds as opposed to days, weeks, or even months.

HASA expects the solution will help it reveal actionable information stored inside multiple applications that can help improve clinical outcomes, increase efficiencies, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Gijs Van Oort, President of HASA, commented on the implementation: “Working with Perfect Search has allowed HASA to really examine data completeness and enabled us to work with the organizations and community to ensure the data sent is the data needed. Through our collaborative efforts, we have seen improvements in our understanding of the data sent to us by providers, and anticipate seeing employee productivity gains and improved system performance. Additionally, we see great value in being able to plot community trends in reporting for better patient population health management.”

Kurt Garbe, CEO of IMAT Solutions, said, “We are thrilled that HASA, nationally renowned for clinical excellence, has selected IMAT Solutions as their partner. We are also excited to work together to improve healthcare by combining our expertise in data aggregation, normalization, code mapping and analytics with HASA’s clinical excellence and experience in the industry. We believe our relationship and collaborative work with HASA will enable significant innovation as we work to achieve our common goal of improving the quality of care while lowering its cost.”

About Health Access San Antonio

Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA) is a 501 (c) (3) community collaborative initiative to enhance access to health and medical care for central Texas residents through Health Information Exchange (HIE). Supported by major providers in the community, HASA adds to the medical safety net by offering an electronic shared patient record in a safe and secure environment. With this level of connectivity across provider entities, care can be delivered more effectively and conveniently.

About IMAT Solutions

Founded in 2007, IMAT Solutions began with building the world’s fastest, most accurate search technology and then coupled it with innovations in handling and utilizing medical data. IMAT is composed of a selection of modules that allow organizations to tailor the product to their needs.

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