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19 Dec IMAT Solutions Helps Health Payers to Become Data-Driven Organizations

According to a recent study, health payers believe that data analytics are a priority in 2019, but many are not prepared to fully become data-driven organizations. In fact, this research found that only 17 percent of payers have the capabilities to leverage health data effectively.

One of the areas that stood out in this study is that payers are challenged with offering providers the insights they need to succeed with value-based care. This reinforces the need for the right data management solutions that improve overall provider engagement for payers.

For example, IMAT Solutions allows payers to overcome this challenge through its provider performance dashboards and clinical alerts, as well as offering a 360-degree view across the continuum of care via the Virtual Health Record (VHR).

This comprehensive approach improves outcomes reporting across all providers, offers enhanced care management insights, addresses gaps in care, and provides risk scores.

From a higher-level perspective, IMAT Solutions allows payers to connect, collect, validate and normalize all health data to tackle today’s data tsunami challenges. The company’s solutions also help to better align claims and clinical systems to drive more coordinated care, and advance new payment models and population health initiatives.

When it comes to health data analytics, IMAT offers Business Intelligence (BI) tools that provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating queries and ad-hoc analysis and reporting. In addition, all queries and analytics are run against all historical and most recent data. It’s also possible to drill down from the aggregated results to the patient and the source records where the data exists.

While the idea of becoming a data-driven organization can seem daunting for many payers, thankfully there are solutions that can help them to develop strategies for using trusted data that can drive actionable insights and enhance operational efficiency.

To learn more about IMAT Solutions’ offerings for payer, please click here. In addition, please contact us here for more information.


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