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10 Mar Did You Know You Can Have Clean, Current and Complete Data with the IMAT Platform?

For hospitals and clinics, accessing and leveraging data for all care, reporting, financial, and compliance efforts can be challenging.

Often the reason comes down to health data not being fully comprehensive, clean or current. Untimely, incomplete and inaccurate data leads to a lack of data confidence, and makes it nearly impossible to make sound decisions.

Did you know that the IMAT C3 Framework can help you tackle these challenges by ensuring that all data is Clean (C1), Current (C2) and Complete (C3)?

C1 – Clean: Whether it’s structured or unstructured data, care organizations need to operate with all clinical and research data being fully cleansed, consistent, normalized, validated, and optimized – on a continuous basis.

C2 – Current: Care organizations need to have data be fully current, integrated with other systems to leverage evolving data sources, which are fully accessible for driving near real-time decision-making.

C3 – Complete: Today’s care organizations need to have access to all of the data – whether its historical, structured or unstructured – that is available in the source records to drive insights into the full continuum of care and ensure robust reporting.

Are you ready to pull back the curtain and see if your care organization meets the requirements of the IMAT C3 Framework? Take the IMAT Data Confidence Index (DCI) survey, a simple and easy-to-use survey of 28 questions that will provide candid insights into where and how you can improve your overall health data management efforts.

Please contact the IMAT team to learn how we can enhance your overall health data confidence.


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