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15 Jul Health Payers Ramping Up COVID-19 Testing

With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing in many regions around the United States, health payers continue to ramp up new and more convenient ways for testing their members.

Recently, Humana announced a pilot home-testing program that enables at-home COVID-19 test collection for members – making Humana the first insurer to offer at-home test-collection kits.

The payer also launched a collaboration with Walmart and Quest Diagnostics to offer drive-thru testing at hundreds of Walmart Neighborhood Market drive-thru pharmacy locations across the country. Humana stated it will continue to waive member costs related to COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

In addition, CVS Health recently launched a COVID-19 testing strategy for employers whose employees are returning to the workplace and for academic populations returning to campus.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, testing whole populations is necessary as the pandemic continues to spread, and requires online marketplaces for testing that make it simpler and cheaper for organizations and communities. It’s also important to make this process efficient for labs and test administrators so tests can be available when and where they are needed.

In April, IMAT Solutions announced that it is enabling real-time health data reporting and analytics for its customers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to facilitating these capabilities through the IMAT platform’s Event-Based Reporting, Population Risk Surveillance, and Alerts/Notifications, the company is helping customers to identify patients who may be at risk of COVID-19, through the creation of profiles based on centralized clinical codes and other clinical data.

To learn more about how IMAT is enabling real-time health data reporting and analytics for its customers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our landing page here.



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