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16 Aug IMAT Solutions Launches Health Data Confidence Index (DCI)


New assessment tool allows care organizations to quantify their overall data confidence and maximize their data for the best performance outcomes


August 16, 2018, Orem, UT – IMAT Solutions, a leader in delivering innovative, real-time, healthcare data management and population health reporting solutions, announced the introduction of its Health Data Confidence Index (DCI), a new online assessment tool that allows care organizations to quantify their overall data confidence.


Based on IMAT’s new C3 framework, which helps a wide-range of healthcare organizations enhance all care, reporting, financial, and compliance efforts, the DCI aims to provide insights to allow organizations to maximize their data for the best performance outcomes.


The DCI is a simple and easy-to-use online survey of 28 questions that assesses whether or not a care organization has the ability to provide data that is Clean (C1), Comprehensive (C2) and Current (C3), which is the foundation for the C3 framework.



Ideal for HIEs, payers, hospitals, clinics, and ACOs; the new C3 framework takes its inspiration from the Triple Aim concept of health data. Developed by the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI), Triple Aim is a framework for optimizing health system performance by improving the experience of care; improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita costs of healthcare.


“With the rise of health data creating a new frontier for transforming care, many organizations may not fully understand if their data is meeting overall operational goals,” said Kurt Garbe, CEO, IMAT Solutions. “We created the DCI to help provide real insights to help organizations best leverage data in more impactful ways.”


The DCI is comprised of two phases, which are the initial 28-question survey, and a follow-on survey that goes into much deeper detail about the findings – to provide a more comprehensive view of overall data confidence.


IMAT Solutions will be showcasing the DCI at the upcoming SHIEC Annual Conference in Booth #22, where attendees can take the survey in real-time from the show floor. The IMAT Solutions team will be doing follow-on one-on-one briefings with survey participants to share the outcomes of their individual surveys.




About IMAT Solutions
IMAT Solutions was formed in 2013 to provide key innovations in data accessibility, analysis, and reporting to healthcare organizations. The product suite is HIPAA-compliant, supporting customers across thirteen states, processing billions of records per year for more than 3,500 facilities, involving 30 million patients and 35,000 providers. IMAT enables clients to improve patient care and care coordination, increase quality of care delivery at a lower cost. It addresses the challenge of managing, normalizing and querying huge data sets in real-time, enabling users to access structured and unstructured (physician’s notes, transcripts) patient information. IMAT’s modules make it a flexible solution that can be tailored to each organization’s needs and increase the value of current investments. To learn more about IMAT Solutions, visit: