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Record Transformation from HL7 and CCD/CCDA to XML and HL7

Record Transformation from HL7 and CCD/CCDA to XML and HL7


Our client receives HL7 and CCD/CCDA records from multiple sources in various formats. The information in these records is required in downstream systems that are limited to ingesting data in a specific HL7 2.4 and XML formats.

The Challenge

The clients existing systems had limited functionality for any record transformation and the process included many manual steps. More of a challenge is the fact that while there is a published CCD/CCDA specification, each EHR vendor generates CCD/CCDA records with their own nuances. This means mapping segments of data between various formats and more importantly maintaining these mappings as EHR vendors update their products becomes extremely difficult.

The Solution

Our client contracted with IMAT Solutions for a license and related services of the IMAT Foundation Services. IMAT configured the solution feeders to ingest, validate, normalize and TRANSFORM the HL7 and CCD/CCDA records into the required format. The configured Foundation Services solution allows the customer to easily adjust the transformations when upstream changes take place, keep tract of these adjustments and re-use similar transformations when required. IMAT provides the users with reports as to consistency of data, errors identified and data augmentation.

The Benefits

  • Our client is able to process, validate and transform their incremental and historical data within minutes.
  • CCD/CCDA data is available for downstream systems.
  • Substantial reduction in resource requirements for this process.
  • Increased confidence in processed data.
  • Improved performance in downstream systems as the data is complete, valid an in the correct format.


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