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09 Jan PODCAST: IMAT Solutions Advancing Data Confidence at HIMSS 2019

In the following podcast interview, Rob Marsh, VP of Product & Program Management, and Matt Davis, Director of Product Management, both of IMAT Solutions, discuss the IMAT C3 Framework, and how IMAT advances data quality and confidence for both schema and data lake environments.

Today’s care organizations are challenged when it comes to accessing and leveraging quality data. Thankfully, the IMAT Solutions C3 Framework helps HIEs, hospitals, ACOs and payers to achieve true data confidence for enhancing all care, reporting, financial, and compliance efforts.

In addition, IMAT Solutions helps care organizations to access, leverage and index data in both schema/unstructured and data lake environments – providing the most comprehensive picture of patients and populations in real-time.

Here are highlights from the podcast interview:

  • A high-level perspective on the IMAT C3 Framework. (:30)
  • A breakdown of the three “Cs” of the C3 Framework. (2:20)
  • Insights into the two types of data environments that care organizations deal with today. (3:43)
  • The benefits and challenges of the schema/structured environments versus the data lake environment. (5:20)
  • How IMAT allows for the “best of both worlds” in both of these data environments. (8:49)


At HIMSS 2019, IMAT Solutions will be showcasing how it helps any care organization advance data quality in booth #5673. Click here to schedule an appointment to meet with the IMAT team at HIMSS 2019.

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