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12 Aug SHIEC 2019: HASA HIE to Participate in Panel on Detecting and Addressing Social Needs

HASA, the health information exchange for North, South and West Texas, is always on the forefront of developing programs that leverage health data in ways that enhance population health efforts.

At the upcoming 2019 Annual SHIEC Conference, Phil Beckett, CEO of HASA; and Gijs van Oort, Advisor at HASA, are participating in a panel titled, “Creating a Community Data Ecosystem: Leveraging HIE to Detect and Address Social Needs.”

Taking place on August 20th at 2:45 p.m., the panel will also include Jennifer Faries, Accountable Health Communities Program Manager, MyHealth Access Network; and David Kendrick, MD, Founder and CEO, MyHealth Access Network.

The panel will discuss how to best create a data ecosystem to address social determinants of health. This is certainly an area that HASA has been gaining tremendous traction on through its partnership with IMAT Solutions.

The HIE’s use of IMAT Solutions’ Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, which identifies concepts, context and codifies unstructured text based data, substantially increased the amount of meaningful validated data for HASA.

“The flexibility and agility of the IMAT tools allows us to quickly integrate across stakeholders to collect and share SDoH data within the end users workflow, whether that is an EMR, a referral platform, navigators or social service providers,” said Phil Beckett, CEO of HASA. “IMAT enables HASA to be an effective data hub and deliver value based on an end users requirements and relationship to the patient.”

In addition, through IMAT Solutions’ IMAT Data Foundation, IMAT Clinical Reports, IMAT Query Builders, IMAT eMPI, and the IMAT Virtual Health Record, HASA is now able to facilitate full content data aggregation, normalization code mapping, analysis, and reporting from across all data stores.

Earlier this year, this effort was highlighted in this EHR Intelligence story.


IMAT Solutions will be showcasing how it helps HIEs to achieve true data confidence and clarity at the upcoming SHIEC conference. Please click here to schedule a time to meet with us at the conference. We look forward to seeing you there!



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