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19 Oct Medicare Advantage Star Ratings Declined for 2023

Enhance Star Ratings with the IMAT Flexible Payer Solution

With the goal of providing consumers a way to compare health plans, the Medicare Advantage Star Ratings measure the quality of health and drug services received by individuals enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plans.

Earlier this month, CMS released its 2023 Medicare Advantage and Part D Star Ratings, which found an overall decline in ratings when compared to 2022. In fact, 57 contracts earned five stars, which is down significantly from 74 last year.

Humana and UnitedHealthcare scored the highest median ratings of the nation’s six largest health payers. However, 37 plans earned 2.5 stars, compared to just two plans in 2022. In addition, four health plans earned 2 stars, and one contract received a low-performing icon.
While much of the decline is attributed to CMS removing the public health emergency (PHE) put in place to help health plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – there’s always room for improvement for any health plan.

Thankfully, the IMAT Flexible Payer Solution is an easy-to-use, one-stop-solution that allows health payers to gain optimal results from their clinical data, while boosting revenue, enhancing member care and achieving compliance.

In line with the recent CMS news, the IMAT DaaS helps payers to improve overall HEDIS reporting capabilities and STAR ratings.

In addition, IMAT Solutions recently earning the Validated Data Stream designation in the new NCQA Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program.

Data from data streams validated by NCQA can be used as standard supplemental data in HEDIS reporting, eliminating the need for primary source verification (PSV) and the HEDIS audit process. This saves time and money for aggregators, provider organizations and health plans.

Finally, Clinical Data Integration (CDI) is the foundation for the DaaS offering. IMAT Solutions was recently highlighted as a CDI vendor in Gartner’s “Clinical Data Integration Capabilities and Sourcing Recommendations for U.S. Healthcare Payers” report.

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