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13 Jan Using FHIR to Jump-Start Clinical Data Integration for U.S. Healthcare Payers

With the ONC and CMS interoperability mandates that are transforming clinical and administrative data exchange between payers, providers and patients, now’s the ideal time for payers to jump-start enterprise CDI investment to achieve compliance.

As such, payers have the opportunity to embrace FHIR as the new common language for health data exchange, as well as tap into key vendors for bringing CDI initiatives to life.

These were the key themes of the December 2022 refresh of the Gartner “Quick Answer: Use FHIR to Jump-Start Clinical Data Integration for U.S. Healthcare Payers Report.”
Click here to access the report (Gartner subscription required)

In addition, IMAT Solutions is once again listed as a Representative CDI Vendor that will help to accelerate value.

In December, CMS issued a Proposed Rule that would further enhance health data exchange by establishing data exchange standards for certain payers. It aims to require payers to share certain prior authorization information through the FHIR Patient Access API.

IMAT Solutions is already working with several clients to effectively ingest and deliver standard FHIR based messages that support the standards-based health data classes and constituent data elements for improved healthcare information interoperability.

This is being driven by the IMAT Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, which allows health payers to gain optimal results from their data, while also removing any challenges with meeting new interoperability standards.

For example, the IMAT DaaS solution supports new FHIR capabilities by ingesting all patient data with full conversion into a FHIR-based messages. This removes the burden from payers to fund and implement the required interoperability, which can be very costly and strain internal IT resources.

Are you a health payer needing to integrate with your clinical data using FHIR standards seamlessly and more cost-effectively? Please contact IMAT Solutions.

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