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15 Mar Meeting Health Payers Top Actions for 2023

IMAT DaaS Offering Enables Clinical Data Integration (CDI) and Interoperability at Scale

U.S. healthcare payer executives are prioritizing growth, technology modernization and customer experience (CX) in 2023.

In order to achieve these goals, payer CIOs need to sustain technology modernization funding and momentum, develop comprehensive CX strategies, and expand data sharing capabilities.

These were the key highlights of a new Gartner report, titled “Quick Answer: U.S. Healthcare Payer CIO Top Actions for 2023.” Click here to access the report (Gartner subscription required).

The report also highlights how interoperability and Clinical Data Integration (CDI) capabilities are fundamental to health value delivery — but the underlying technologies and business processes have been difficult to implement at scale.

Fortunately, the IMAT Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform is a one-stop offering that enables these capabilities easily and at scale.

With CDI being the foundation of the IMAT DaaS offering, it enables a wide-range of use cases including risk adjustment optimization, quality improvements, care coordination, and the ability to provide a better patient experience.

IMAT Solutions has also been named as a representative CDI vendor in the Gartner “Clinical Data Integration Capabilities and Sourcing Recommendations for U.S. Healthcare Payers” report.

From an interoperability perspective, the IMAT DaaS solution supports new FHIR capabilities by ingesting all pertinent clinical data with full conversion into FHIR-based messages. This removes the burden from payers to fund and implement the required interoperability, which can be very costly and strain internal IT resources.

IMAT Solutions has also been named in the Gartner “Quick Answer: Use FHIR to Jump-Start Clinical Data Integration for U.S. Healthcare Payers Report.” Click here to access the report (Gartner subscription required).

For health payers to meet key IT modernization and CX goals for 2023, they need the right innovations that will enhance business growth and improve member experiences.

Fortunately, the IMAT DaaS solution can meet all of these needs.

Want to learn more about the IMAT DaaS solution? Check out our new explainer video for more insights. In addition, contact us to learn more about the IMAT DaaS solution for health payers.


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