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30 Oct Health Data News Roundup: How Medicare Advantage Plans Can Boost Star Ratings; Humana Ranks High; and MA Plan Recipient Changes

Welcome to the Health Data Weekly News Roundup from IMAT Solutions. As the power of data continues to grow in the healthcare arena, today’s care organizations need to be on the forefront of all news and trends to help ensure that their data analytics efforts deliver accountable and informed care. Each week, we will provide you with the actionable news you need to meet these goals.

Humana Ranks High for Experience, Affordability Among MA Plans
Based on the 2024 Medicare Advantage Star Ratings, Humana received the highest ranking for overall plan quality, member experience, and low premiums, a US News & World Report analysis shared.

Medicare Advantage Star Ratings Declined Again for 2024
When it comes to Medicare Advantage Star Ratings, we may be seeing history repeating itself with another decline for 2024. The good news is that MA plans can enhance Stars ratings by gaining optimal results from clinical data – when planning for 2025.

Potential Medicare Advantage Recipient Changes This Enrollment Season
According to new research, approximately 1 in 10 Medicare Advantage recipients will make changes to their plans with Hispanic and Black Americans being more apt to switch either plans or insurance carriers.

3 Steps One Medicaid MCO Took to Boost Its Patient Experience Score
Ease and efficiency in access to care contribute to the patient experience measurement in the NCQA Health Plan Report Card for Medicaid managed care organizations, and here are three steps that one payer took to improve their score.

ACO REACH Predecessor Saved $371 Million in 2022
The Medicare Global and Professional Direct Contracting model saved the program more than $300 million in net savings in 2022, according to CMS data published Oct. 24. This model transitioned to ACO REACH at the beginning of 2023.

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Premiums Grew by 7 Percent in 2023
The average annual premium for employer-sponsored health insurance increased by 7 percent in 2023, a KFF survey revealed.

Generative AI’s Potential Shines on Revenue Cycle Management
Generative AI is a major topic healthcare these days, but its strongest use cases may be in revenue cycle management as providers look to streamline administrative tasks, according to this recent RevCycle Intelligence article.

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