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HASA HIE: Liberating Health Data

HASA HIE: Liberating Health Data for Enhanced Population Health in Texas, and More

Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA), the non-profit, community Health Information Exchange (HIE) for North, South and West Texas, is on the forefront of using health data in ways that enhance care coordination to ultimately improve care quality and reduce costs.

Since 2013, HASA has been leveraging IMAT Solutions’ offerings to aid in full content data aggregation, normalization code mapping, analysis, and reporting from across all data stores to help the organization best deliver on its overall mission.


HASA originally had a need for enhancing its master patient index (MPI) capability and comprehensive reporting efforts. It also required a more robust data warehousing solution, and the ability to identify gaps in both unrecognized and unleveraged data.

Additionally, the organization needed a solution that supported both provider and payer alerts (even for those that were not connected to the HIE) to gain more insights on specific patients and the population at large.


HASA turned to IMAT Solutions to build out the MPI, and help it reveal actionable information stored inside multiple applications, improve clinical outcomes, increase efficiencies, and enhance patient satisfaction. It also wanted a solution that could plot community trends for better patient population health management.


HASA engaged with IMAT Solutions to provide a data analytics solution that would ensure it has access to the most comprehensive and highest quality of data when and where it was required.

IMAT Solutions’ use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), which identifies concepts, context and codifies unstructured text based data, substantially increased the amount of meaningful validated data for HASA.

In one of the first use cases, using both structured and unstructured data, IMAT Solutions was able to identify 130,000 diabetic patients within a population where the existing technology had identified 100,000. This is nearly a 25 percent increase in patients that were both identified and validated.

Based on this foundation IMAT and HASA created numerous population health management and quality measure reports.

In addition, through IMAT Solutions’ IMAT Data Foundation, IMAT Clinical Reports, and IMAT Query Builders, IMAT eMPI and the IMAT Virtual Health Record, HASA is now able to facilitate full content data aggregation, normalization code mapping, analysis, and reporting from across all data stores.

Today, HASA has the ability to receive data in virtually any format, and use it for enhanced reporting, alerts and notifications to hospitals, practices, and payers. Any of these organizations that are not connected to the HIE can easily upload a patient list. Through the IMAT web portal, they can securely access clinical information related to their patients, receive alerts/notifications, and review population health reports such Gaps in Care, Diabetic Scorecards (and more).


HASA can now expand its services and revenue growth without the need to incur additional technology infrastructure costs. This is also vital for supporting smaller practices in rural areas of Texas that don’t have IT support staff and the resources to leverage health data.

This approach allows HASA to liberate the data for these smaller providers, who now have a full picture of their patients through the IMAT platform.

The IMAT platform also offers comprehensive readmission reports and intelligent alerts to identify patients that are at a high-risk of re-admittance, and help hospitals adhere to the CMS Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) – reducing penalties for not meeting the 30-day risk standardized readmission measures. The platform leverages the LACE model and real-time alerts to let providers and payers know when patients are at high risk of readmission


About IMAT Solutions

IMAT Solutions addresses the complex and demanding data needs of today’s healthcare providers, payers and practitioners. Every day, our software processes millions of records to support thousands of healthcare professionals across 11 States, to deliver the best possible healthcare to over 30 million patients.

For more information about how IMAT Solutions can help your organization achieve true data confidence for enhancing all care, reporting, financial, and compliance efforts, please contact us here.

About HASA

HASA is a Texas-based, multi-region collaboration building the safe and secure infrastructure between healthcare providers’ electronic health records (EHRs) making it possible to exchange information across differing platforms. Seamlessly aggregating and sharing critical patient information allows for more efficient and informed care, by reducing duplication and eliminating unnecessary procedures. HASA offers a one-of-a-kind suite of services aimed at health plans, hospitals, providers and patients that include real-time alerts, historical and predictive analytics, a patient health record and community resource collaboration.