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Interoperability and Data Sharing Key Foundational Essentials for Payers


Today’s health payers are increasingly prioritizing interoperability initiatives aligned with key enterprise goals. Recognizing interoperability as a crucial long-term competency is essential for creating a future-proof organization.


Administrative inefficiencies constitute the largest portion of healthcare wasteful spending, comprising nearly one-third of the $1 trillion in fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) in U.S. healthcare. This inefficient spending contributes to poor health outcomes, frustrates consumers, and results in excessive care costs compared to other high-income countries.


While not solely technological issues, leveraging advanced technologies is crucial to addressing these challenges and fostering collaboration across the evolving healthcare ecosystem in real-time to support the significant shift towards emphasizing Value-Based Care and evaluating high-value activities in the provision of patient care.


In this recent LinkedIn Live video, Mark Coetzer, VP Business Development at IMAT Solutions, breaks down how health payers can best leverage modern data interoperability solutions for advancing business goals.



IMAT Solutions are experts in health data acquisition and normalization, supporting programs for HEDIS, STARS, Population Risk Management, Data Aggregator Validation (DAV), Primary Care First, 21st Century Cures Act and CMS Interoperability.


Following are key health data interoperability resources from IMAT Solutions:

The IMAT Flexible Payer Solution
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IMAT Enables FHIR with U.S. Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) 4.0 Standards for Health Payers
Using FHIR to Jump-Start Clinical Data Integration for U.S. Healthcare Payers



Are you ready to advance your interoperability efforts to enhance your overall business goals? Call us today at 1.844-772-6258 or contact us below to learn more about the IMAT Flexible Payer Solution.


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