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04 May Health Data News Roundup: Reliance COVID-19 Response Use Cases; Population Health and Payers; and IMAT Highlighted in KLAS Report

Welcome to the Health Data Weekly News Roundup from IMAT Solutions. As the power of data continues to grow in the healthcare arena, today’s care organizations need to be on the forefront of all news and trends to help ensure that their data analytics efforts deliver accountable and informed care. Each week, we will provide you with the actionable news you need to meet these goals.

Reliance eHealth Collaborative Leverages IMAT Platform for Enhancing Data Reporting and Analytics for COVID-19 Response
Last week, we announced that Reliance eHealth Collaborative, a growing HIE in the Pacific Northwest, is leveraging the IMAT platform for developing and implementing a wide-range of use cases for enhancing its stakeholders’ COVID-19 response.

How Population Health Tactics Fortify COVID-19 Member Engagement
As the healthcare system reels from the coronavirus, payer success in member engagement relies in part on effective implementation of population health management strategies.

Supreme Court Rules Federal Government Must Pay $12B to ACA Insurers
In an 8-1 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government must pay $12 billion to insurers enrolled in the Affordable Care Act’s risk corridor program.

BCBS MA Deploys Employees for Contact Tracing, Staffing Support
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) is deploying its employees to support statewide efforts against the coronavirus by helping in contact tracing and working at Boston Hope, the state capital’s field hospital.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment, Quality Continue Upward Trend
Medicare Advantage plans are continuing along a trend of burgeoning enrollment and rising quality, although costs for certain services may be more expensive than traditional Medicare, according to recent analysis from Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

Humana Calls for Social Determinants of Health in Risk Adjustment
In a recent joint article with the National Quality Forum (NQF), Humana called for a new risk adjustment model that accounts for both clinical factors and social determinants of health.

Medicaid, CHIP Amendments Help States Fight COVID-19 Outbreak
Recent CMS amendments and waivers allow state Medicaid and CHIP programs more flexibility in order to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

HIPAA, State Laws Hamper Patient Data Exchange During COVID-19
State privacy regulations and (HIPAA are making it more difficult for HIEs to send and receive patient data, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IMAT Solutions Featured in KLAS COVID-19 Technology Solutions Guide
With health data management and analytic solutions being critical for rapid COVID-19 response, we are excited to announce that IMAT Solutions was featured in the recent KLAS COVID-19 Technology & Services Solutions Guide.

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