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12 Aug SHIEC 2020: IMAT Solutions Giving HIEs Power to Expand Service Offerings

IMAT Solutions is proud to be a silver-level sponsor of this year’s virtual SHIEC conference, which has certainly adapted to bring the special HIE/industry community together in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the event kicks off on Friday, we will be showcasing our virtual booth, which tells the story about how IMAT Solutions gives HIEs the power to dramatically expand service offerings through access to clean, comprehensive and current data.

We will also highlight how our API set allows HIEs to integrate with existing technology solutions, while our configurable rules-based platform addresses all HIE business requirements – from data acquisition and exchange through Population Health and Quality Measure Reporting.

Also, as many HIEs have evolved to meet today’s COVID-19 pandemic challenges, we will be highlighting how Reliance eHealth Collaborative is using the IMAT platform to develop and implement a wide-range of use cases for enhancing its stakeholders’ COVID-19 response.

In addition, our virtual booth will showcase how IMAT has helped Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA), the non-profit, community Health Information Exchange (HIE) for North, South and West Texas, to liberate its data to enhance population health in Texas.

The SHIEC virtual conference will run from August 17th through September 15th. Stay tuned for more HIE-related news from IMAT, and please contact us to schedule a time to “meet” with us during SHIEC 2020.



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